The HUGS Music Review..... by George Duchow

George Duchow

Welcome to the World of Music at HUGS 24/7 RADIO!!      

Not always do we see, hear or feel the same about the musical workings of Artists in the entertainment field, especially according to the world of the Unsigned and Independent classifications in Music.  The defined separations in Genres tend to cut through the hearts of many, while creating what appears to be a painful venture to others; still the human edges of emotions have a way to overlook the unrecognized.   HUGS understands that not all music is considered, Good Music, yet, good music is universal to everyone... That still leaves the undying question of, "What do you think about it?"

Meet George Duchow.  He is actually a very well defined artist in the music world. His views and insight in music are very diversified.  Whether it be the pounding feel of Rock and Roll, or the Sweet Subtle Sounds of a Singer/Songwriters ballad; fact is, his critiques that are offered are ones that have been drawn from the musical talents that have been brought to light through the HUGS Platform. 

We at HUGS are happy to see George share his ideals and personal insights with us. And, with all that are involved in the musical experience that is found 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at HUGS 24/7 RADIO. 

Cyrus Gray
CEO & Founder of HUGS

Showdown:  "What Country’s All About"
By George Duchow

Here are your signs

So, what’s being “Country” all about?  Well, let Showdown explain it to you!  Micheal Chism (vocals) will give you all of the finer points about what it takes, as well as what has nothing to do with being “Country”.  Tim Chisholm (guitar) will accent the highlights with a classic Southern sound, as Dante Viviani (bass) controls the powers in the low end, and Greg Calkins (drums) punctuates it all with exclamation points.  And it wouldn’t be country if there weren’t a fiddle, banjo, and a Country-Rock vibe.  Being based out of Oklahoma City, you outta listen to these men, because they sure enough know what they’re talking about!  As Micheal sings, “sit on back, you might learn a thing or two.”  Don’t you doubt ‘em!

Billy Hamilton & The Lowriders:   “Merseyside Rebecca”
By George Duchow

Mercy, Mersey!

Billy Hamilton & The Lowriders’ “Merseyside Rebecca” has just materialized in the Hugs universe.  This great song has an old-time Rock n’ Roll/Blues feel.  The lyrics, which create all kinds of sweeping visuals, the vocal delivery, and the beat make it a thoroughly merrymaking song to listen to.  Add in a honky-tonk piano solo followed by a classic guitar solo and you will quickly learn that resistance is futile! Some part of you is going to be moving in time to the Merseyside beat.  Get ready for a good time!

The Black Vultures:  “Never Say”
By George Duchow