Marketing With HUGS ...

Connecting you where you need to be Heard.

It's one thing to create a Marketing Plan that is focused towards someone or something that might have a need for services, but what about a service that can put you right smack dab in the middle of those that need what you have to offer!!  HUGS 24/7 RADIO and Cyrus Gray Productions LLC have done the hard work for you.  Currently the HUGS show has a listener base that reaches around the world.  Not just a platform for the everyday listener, but a listener that has a focal point towards the music industry, the entertainment industry and they "want" to excel in it.  Need a little more?

HUGS 24/7 RADIO offers a daily show platform that carries up to 840K listeners each month.  Each of these involved fans of the HUGS platform have two very important factors concerning their choice of trade.  They want to be promoted and heard, as well as a constant need for having the right tools to make that happen.  No more having to hope for a 2% return on paper marketing platforms. No wasted hopes of someone stumbling into your marketing plan. HUGS is built on real people, real musicians and real clients that want to connect and work with you.

Become a Marketing Partner of the HUGS Platform and meet the real clients that you are looking for, to carry your name in the market!  We can offer you so much more than just a sales ad to the public, HUGS can put you with the people that understand quality,  commitments and the drive to expand.  Feel free to contact us at to discuss being more than just a brand name on a shelf, but rather a service or product that wants to lead by example.


Scott Poorbaugh

Marketing and Event Field Agent