By submitting tracks to HUGS, you are accepting the following: 

In submitting a track(s) to, WRGG 93.FM or any avenue directed for HUGS, you are in fact stating that you have the right to distribute it.  Any found violation of Copyright Distribution Laws will rest up on the sender of material.  At no time will HUGS, WRGG and or affiliated be held accountable for said material or Copyright Infringements.  See our Release Statement Here 

There are only a few simple rules that we require: 

1. All musical works must be submitted on a weekly basis for on AIR RADIO play. At NO TIME will HUGS download from another site or third party site to secure musical tracks!! 

2. All Tracks must be in an MP3 Format... NO WAV FILES< NO AFFI FILES< NO CDA FILES..   Plese keep your tracks between 3:30 sec to 4:45 sec for Vocal tracks and 2:30 sec to 3:00 sec for instrumentsl. 

3.  All submitted Tracks must remain 'Clean'.  As a family oriented platform over the USA Airways, FCC Regulations must be followed.  In other words, keep it PG just as if you were allowing your 12 year old child listen to the show. 

4.  Include a small 'BIO' about you or the Group.  Make sure that you give credit where credit is due and tell us where you are from. 

5. Include a small picture the goes with the Tracks submitted.  This will be used in posting to our weekly playlist and to the HUGS Facebook Page wall. 

6. Join us at 'Hugs At Wrgg'. This is our Facebook Page and is where all of our information is released to.  Send us a friend request and get involved!! 

The last thing !!!  Send all of the above to:   ATTN: G

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