Welcome to HUGS 24/7 RADIO.....  It's NOT always the biggest fish in the sea that offers the BEST avenue to the growth of an idea.   When you talk about making your marketing dollar stretch there are many factors that have to be considered that must go in to your plan.  Coverage, the demand and the timing are prime factors; however, there are certain specific ideals that are sometimes overlooked that can and will effect even the best laid plan.  One of them being exactly what HUGS offers.   A Niche market.  Our Friends, Families and talents are connected with one major idea.  The art and beauty of a united family that uses music to strengthen the bonds that tie them together.   For that reason, HUGS 24/7 Radio and it's band of Artists, Family and Fans are a never ending circle that keeps expanding.... And you want to be a part of not only their success, but part of the circle that will help take you with them. 


HUGS 24/7 RADIO offers you listeners that are active in the HUGS Family from around the globe.  Take a look at what we see as Countries that are currently active in the HUGS Program... This is not a picture posted of dreams, but of fact..  

Tune in and hear it..  HUGS 24/7 RADIO can get you where you need to be heard, when you need heard.

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Every Artist that is involved into the HUGS Family has the right to put HUGS 24/7 Radio into play as a means to Promote their Talents and Labors of Music.  Most promotional avenues have the same problems..  The Need for Deep Pockets.  HUGS takes great pride in making any artists marketing dollar stretch...  The listening core of HUGS Fans now spans into 179 different countries around the globe and with that, we believe that the best way to make the most out of releasing a new album, EP or Single.... Do it where Real People listen to Real Music; at HUGS 24/7 RADIO. 
The costs of production of your ad, the air slots and the website additions.... Are all included in this package.. And are set to run a month at a time...  No Bean Counters. No One Reaching Into You Pockets, or Taking a Cut out of the Bottom Line...

This Deal Will NOT Last Forever... But it's the BEST money that you can invest in Promoting your Music Endeavors. $55.00/1st month and IF you opt for a second month at the time of purchase only $45.00 for the added month!!
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