The HUGS TOP 200 Unsigned Artists Music Chart

Important notes as to posting up the playlisT.

There is a pecking order that is used to establish the coming weeks Playlist; Keep in mind that there are only so many slots open for air play..

1. The Top Ten will ALWAYS be Resubmitted for the Coming Week Showcase Which Airs Friday Nights At 9pm, EDT

2.  All songs that are coming into HUGS, will be directed to the HUGS ShockWave Platform First

3. Numbers 11 thru 20, will be automatically placed into the HUGS weekly "Chart Seekers and Chart Climbers Show" 

4. Any song charting below #20, must be resubmitted for continued HUGS Show Chart Airing.
      Exception: Charted songs that will be airing for the second time (denoted with a sign of #### on the charts), will be posted on the HUGS "BREAKOUT" Show they need NOT be resubmitted regardless of chart number.

5.  All New Tracks will be aired for the first time at the HUGS ShockWave. Or the Shockwave SHAKEDOWN which air along with the HUGS BREAKOUT SHOW.

6. You can only have two (2) active song in the PLAYLIST each week.  Resubmission Request Emails MUST be sent to   ATTN: RESUB.  INCLUDE the Song Name(s) in your email.  Failure to do so will exclude your tracks from active status in the playlist.   Resubmissions will OPEN upon posting the HUGS TOP 200 Chart, but will CLOSE on the coming Saturday at 6PM.   If you have more than two songs that have made it into the TOP 200, you will have to decide which two (2) will be active for the current week.

(Note)**  As HUGS expands into creating a New Platform and Format... Please Understand that time is very important to air play!

As of June 14, 2024

POW - Cyrus's Pick Of The Week      SS- Shockwave Shakedown      */SP- First Week In The Chart System      #### - Breakout Week     WC - Wild Card    SWse - Shockwave Special Edition