Remember when RADIO was fun  ?!?!   When you just had to keep it on all day, just to catch the GOOD stuff.  The FUN Stuff!?!?
Well... Look No Farther!  HUGS 24/7 RADIO WANTS YOU!!

The HUGS "SHOUT OUT" is for Anyone!!  Listener, Fan, Artists..  Whoever!! This is your chance to "Shout Out" to Friend, Family and HUGS...

The Idea is your 15 second of Fame!! 

1.   Tell Us your Name

2.  Where you are from.

3.  What you think about HUGS 24/7 RADIO !

4.  Send your Best Wishes to Whoever you want..

**  Note - No F-Bombs or Bad words please..

HOW TO:   Simply record your "Shout Out" or your phone. Voice Recorder... Whatever!!

And Send by email to:   SUBJECT LINE:   Atten: Shout Out

HUGS 24/7 RADIO will put you  ON THE AIR !!  
No Strings Attached!!