Professor Heinnie Bach, Phd. of forensic music Theory

Remember my children, an apple a day will keep anyone away, if you throw it hard enough” - Prof. Heinnie Bach, Phd.

Professor Heinnie Bach, Phd. comes to HUGS from the the upstanding Swedetown - Pinetree Music Academy.  His complete comprehension and knowledge of the forensic studies of music theory extend far beyond the limits of some of the most prolific music professionals working today.  Using the superior theories vested within the structure of all genres and selective styles, this master of intellectual theory will simplify the most complex compositions into relativity and base equations.  After an extensive education of 12 years in vested learning, Prof. Heinnie Bach, Phd. has nested himself into the Unsigned Artist field to help those to understand that music used as a weapon, can also be translated and reversed into a healing tool.   His very own words allow a timid mind to recalculate the obvious into a more complex reason for being. 

Sometimes a sharp flat is just a major refrain found in the chorus of life” - Prof. Heinnie Bach, Phd.