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 Professor Heinnie Bach, Phd. MD. (Mountain Doctor). from the Swedetown / Pinetree Music Academy has taken on some of the most inspiring under toned issues in the means of the  Forensic Musicological Theory.   His in-depth study and review of the “True” musical values found within any music score has gone with several questions... But, who's complaining.  His personal insight as to the relationships between Music Structure and Social Issue has been deemed as unequivocal by any in the field of Forensic Music Theory.  Only recently Prof. Dr. Heinnie Bach entered into the world of HUGS and has set the benchmark, as only he can, regarding the social relationship in today’s world with the ideological association to music as we know it.   

As his words and associations are based upon not only on personal experiences of compositions, they reflect upon the world outside of the music notes and scores.  He has opened his talents of reflection to all HUGS artists, fans, and followers that may be in need of information, reflection and/or association in not only the musical talented or challenged, but to anyone that seeks insight to issues on a personal platform. 

If you have a question for the doctor, feel free to submit your question for his review, insight and direction.  Simply email Prof. Dr. Heinnie Bach at   ATTN: Dear Heinnie in the subject line (this is required). 

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy Dear Heinnie…   And the reviews of questions that have already been asked at the following links below. 

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