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HUGS Spanish Mirror Facebook Site is up!!!

HUGS Spanish Mirror Facebook Site is up!!!

Welcome to HUGS...

Welcome to the HOMEGROWN UNDER GROUND SOUNDS (HUGS) show website.  We are proud to take another step towards opening new doors for the Unsigned Artists of today.  In a world that has managed to squash the real talents of artists all over the world, HUGS has found a way to reopen those doors and let the 'Old-time' values of the Local Radio out, while delivering 'NEW' artists the avenue to be heard.

The HUGS Showcase is a special venue.  It has been the collaborative efforts of not just a few people, but rather the ideas from within the HUGS family that has mapped out an avenue for Unsigned Artists to have their material heard on regular air dates; to see their songs rise and fall in the HUGS TOP 100 Unsigned Artists Music Chart, understanding that The Chart is not a popularity poll by any means. The HUGS Chart uses the data collected from 3 different sites. that information is collectively gathered and scored as individual works of art; along with the added features, not limited to, artist involvement, fan requests and even the ever-so popular HUGS Voting Poll and produced a weekly HUGS TOP 100 Unsigned Artists Music Chart.  We stand as the only real evaluation for the Unsigned Artists and their Music.

Hugs has offered a re-birth of "real" music, while making the Homegrown Under Ground Sounds show different than any other radio show airing on the USA airways today.   this site will allow you a better avenue to see why the HUGS show and its ideals have made it one of the fastest growing platforms for new artists. as always, we are open to talk ab0ut any venture that would expand or offer a better avenue to our artists and listeners.  Feel free to contacts us. 

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Latest News

The HUGS HARVEST CONCERT in Dover, Pa !!! 

HUGS has entered into an agreement to support the DOVER APPLE FESTIVAL this coming September as the Entertainment Production Service for their first ever Apple Festival!!  LIVE entertainment for all 3 days. September 24th, 25th & 26th.  AND, will be held in DOVER, PA...  HUGS will be featuring many of the Best HUGS Headliners that fill the WRGG 93.7 FM out of Greencastle, PA airways on the HUGS SHOWCASE on a weekly basis !!!   Details will be provided as the information unfolds !!  HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

The HUGS Movement continues to keep changing the way people can find REAL music !!


Check out the HUGS Silent Auction link and have a read!!  This is being done as a Fundraiser for the one Radio Station that refuses to stay the norm. WRGG 93.7 FM is "The Home of the Unsigned Artist"... And, HUGS wants to Keep it that way !!  Don't be afraid to kick in and take part... One way or the Other!!

We're Off and Running! Stage Three of the HUGS Movement is in Motion! 

The HUGS Movement has many avenues that have been laid out for all artists to explore and to take advantage of.   Of course the HUGS SHOWCASE and the HUGS Blast have been the starting block of getting started.   Only recently we've been making the trek towards opening up the HUGS LIVE avenue, but Covid has held us back a bit on that, BUT HUGS Estilo Latino, our Spanish division is already taking in NEW artists and music to full fill the readiness for the First HUGS Estilo Latino Show at the end of December.. La Voz is working hard to make that happen!!   

HOWEVER,   Stage Three is a direction that we have held back on for the past few months to allow the formal people that will construct it into a true Internet Show, is on the make!!  The first steps have already been made to lock things down; with the entire staff hoping for a first airing in January!!  More details will be forth coming in the coming weeks!!  BUT, we call it the HUGS HAPPENINGS!!!  Check out the HUGS HAPPENINGS tab under our Coming Events tab of the Home Page!!

Stay in TUNE!!

Cyrus Gray

Announced Last Night, November 17th, 2020 HUGS is Mutating !!  

That's Right !!  HUGS will no longer demand that an Artist to have to conform with its "Anglo" format.  The idea is to open a door for Artists speaking Spanish and offer them an avenue to be heard in their own native tongue.  This stepping stone began about 6 months ago after many new artists could not meet the required English language barrier required for the tracks to be aired.  A loss in translation so to speak, but as of November 17th HUGS announced that it would be organizing a structured format to the artists instead of having to have them to adapt to Anglo air requirements.

In a statement from Cyrus Gray, Founder of the HUGS Platform and CEO of Cyrus Gray Productions, "The time has come to expand the beauty of the sounds of all music and open the doors for our Spanish Artist around the world.  It has been an on going idea to make HUGS special, not to just our Anglo speaking friends, but to others that we haven't yet met, but soon will." 

The HUGS Estilo Latino will be overseen and organized by Mr. Marcelo Obregon, from Pasadena, CA and acting Client Relations and Communications Director for HUGS. He will be bring together is staff to build and maintain the 'mirror' platform and format of HUGS based solely upon the Spanish language. Obregon stated, "We hope to find a way to create a cross-over between both HUGS and the HUGS 'Estilo Latino' show based on and with the idea that music has no limits, keeping a good focus in the hopes to find a way to bring more people together."

More To Follow as the HUGS 'Estilo Latino' has been noted as taking it's first step to the airways in December of 2020 !!

So Things Continue to Grow !! 

As of today, (Oct 15th, 2020) HUGS has entered into negotiations with a certain radio service (365) in talks of syndicating the HUGS Showcase in to their radio platform.   

This is a huge step into creating a full blown global broadcast for all HUGS Unsigned Artists looking to be heard!!  The deal will include maintaining  WRGG 93.7 FM out of Greencastle, PA as remaining the "HOME of the Unsigned Artists", while carrying not one 4 hour show each week, but carrying BOTH the HUGS SHOWCASE and the HUGS BLAST. 

As details become more clear through the talks, we will continue to relay this information to all !!!  Rock On !!

The Numbers Don't Lie!!  

Over the past Two weeks HUGS and it's Army of Unsigned Artists have managed to take the open airways and the wheel as far as being heard..  Over the past two weeks alone, the HUGS Playlist has almost eclipsed the 10,000 plays mark on Drooble alone!!!  A number that many felt would never happen.   The idea of Big Music being deaf to the Unsigned Artists is not a true statement...  The Fact is that the HUGS noise levels have risen to the point that they can't be dismissed!!   We are now striving to make the HUGS Site a Medium for others to follow the Artists that are active in HUGS.  We are seeking donations to expand the server site to be able to include a listing for each artist to be able to post their monthly involvements..  That includes  SHOW and Gigs, Collaborations, Publications and Public appearances...  If you can spare a few, put it to use for your music!!    You keep singing and we'll keep trying to grow!!!

Nothing Less Than Incredible!! But We've Only Just Begun!! 

Out with the Old and In with the New!! 

It would appear that HUGS and it's Members, have reset not only the ideals of the bar in music entertainment industry in such a way, that it has caught the ears and eyes of those currently feeding upon the listeners of the radio music industry, but also those that have grown tired of being forced fed an entertainment quality that limits the mind and soul of those who rely on it for inspiration. 

The idea that music equals money has and will always be a factor in the music industry, most likely that will never change. But, HUGS and it's artists now offer a better span of music quality than any other programmed syndicated music platform on the air today.  This statement is based upon the HUGS "LIVE" DRIVE and those that not only participated in it, but to those across the entire globe that listened in to it.  We have received numerous emails from all ages; even several senior citizens that remarked that the show was arranged for everyone's enjoyment.  It was stated that every style could be found and focused towards anyone looking for something fresh and new.  These emails even included comments from 80+ year old listeners that found great joy in the sounds of such artists as the Smooth Ivory Two and Megan Paullet and Rebekah Foster, to the up tempo set from Matt Wheeler & Vintage Heart.  I would say that simple comments like such could be called expected, but within the same emails, The idea of connecting the "New Age" music they heard from artists like Kirk Folk, Hunter Root and even Yigga Digga made the listening exciting, as well as the fact that they knew it was all being done "Live"....  That's right,  the HUGS Music has found a mixture that allows everyone to pick and choose what they want to hear and offers the excitement of what someone would not generally be open to if they were just tuning in to a genre platformed show.   

This "TEST" Drive has proven that HUGS is not only on the right track  but one that has set a course to make the entire HUGS Idea into another "Uncharted" event....  One meant to united the independent artist across the nation. The globe. Into a movement that will not only open the eyes and ears for the radio listening audience, but to those want to feel the sounds and see the sounds... first hand!!   Let's just say that Joe Notario of the Phoenix Sideshow opened the event, while James Morley talked about "Taking the Wheel",  Alan White sang about "More Than You'll Ever Need", Ron Nicodemus called for "A Gathering of  Souls", Tim Gainer expressed a "Pilgrimage to Paradise" and Taking all that into account...  There's a message being made...  Not one like Megan Paullet's song "Spinnin' Circles" but one of completing the circle!     

T - 72 hours till the HUGS "LIVE" DRIVE 

Rarely can you get excited about a Fund Raiser, but in this case..  It's just far beyond COOL !!  Today, Artists are beginning to make their way in towards the WRGG Station and the HUGS Observatory!!  That right the 'Old School' is about to reclaim the airways out of Greencastle, PA.  HUGS IS GOING ALL LIVE RADIO!!!   The Media has been plugging the event, the "inner web' as described by Heinnie Back, has been buzzing.  WARP RADIO and DJ ZATH have already been testing and setting up for simulcasting of the DRIVE through their podcast station to the Globe...   We have confirmed all of our Artists attending and have locked in with our special guests as well...    Excited??  NO !!  Ecstatic is a much better word!!    And How I wish that I could have made it possible to have Every Unsigned Artist have a chance to step up on the soapbox and sing into the can!!   More to follow!!  

More than a 'hug'

Sometimes all we need is just a hug to get by.  And, sometimes HUGS Artists will go beyond the norm to help others... With more than a hug.

Good things come to those who wait and others depend on good things from those that do. I appeal to my HUGS family and Friends to take part in something good, done by someone that asks for nothing in return. I'm passing on this information to all of you as a friend and a lover of fine music.... Mr. Ken Shelton has taken a huge step to open his musical vault and create a CD for the better good. This has been done to help those that simply need it. Below I've added a link for each of you to check it out and offer you a chance to pay it forward.... Your return will be more than any Top 40 band could offer.. Thank You. 

Stay in TUNE !! 

Cyrus Gray

If you can see it in your heart to make the trade, Good Music for a Good Cause... Follow the linked button to Help!!