ATTENTION HUGS LISTENERS!!   The drooble site is still down for uploads so,

This Week's Playlist is Found Under the Playlist Tab at the TOP of the page at the metapop music site !!

As Promised, HUGS has the wheels turning for something special !!! 

 I can relay to you that this special Event will be something right out of any real Artist's Bucket List!!

   Starting this week HUGS will begin Promoting the Biggest Event of this Fall Season.... 

This Event will overshadow the very successful HUGS LIVE Drive from 2020....!! 

AND>>  WRGG 93.7 FM Out of Greencastle Will Be Airing the Event LIVE from Table Rock, out of Biglerville, PA!!

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Yep, The "HUGS Gathering" is in full motion!!!! 

Check Out The HUGS Gathering Link Above !!


Mark your Calendars gang, for September 18th, 2021, as HUGS and WRGG... and a whole lot of "everybody" will be working to keep HUGS at the TOP of the list when it comes to being "The HOME of the UNSIGNED ARTIST" !!!


HUGS GATHERING UPDATE !! Last night at the HUGS BLAST it was made known that the show is slated to start at 11am... And I could not be happier to announce that Mr. Craig Mecham will be the Gatherings' Opening Act... He will be followed by Tommy B at 11:25am and then The Dead Mans Band will be setting the bar for all the bands to follow at 11:45am.. I'm sure that all of you are chopping at the bit to hear the rest, but we have still one last performer that we need to recheck an arrival time for.... BUT, I will begin to post the entire list OR, the next three acts just as soon as I get a return message... I don't want anyone to miss out...

Over the Mountain and through the woods, to the Gathering we shall go!! As promised, I am honored to spill the beans as far as our next lot of Artists that will be following our first listing.. Slated to appear in the #4 Set List Slot is JOE NOTARIO of the Phoenix Sideshow. Joe is penciled in to hop on stage around 12:15pm. Joe has been a HUGS Focal Point since appearing at the HUGS LIVE Drive last year. 

Our next Performers to the stage on or about 12:40pm are a very Special HUGS entry. This Group is something special as their combine average age of each performer is 16 years old.... They call themselves the COLOR BRIGADE and they are a flat out rocking crew, with a new track out in the Charts you might want to catch a listen. Don't let their age fool you, these guys can't wait to rock ya. 

From rocking your socks off to one of those acts that you can't really explain with just words... It will be JOE SCHAEFER that will be following on or about 1:05PM to take you mind and twist it between Alternative Blues/Jazz and something straight out "what the Heck did I just hear and see !" kind of thing. This set has an added special twist too... Joe's performance will also have Mr. "MARZZ Guitar" himself sitting in for a track, Marcelo Obregon will be catching a little guitar and bass duet. This is one, that I believe, is one of those you don't want miss moments!! 

From there it will be Johnny Mac who will be ready to take the stage on or about 1:30PM for his set. Johnny will be traveling in from the Harrisburg Area. Ever since John played LIVE in the Observatory, this guy can't wait to take everyone on a journey.

And the Beat goes on!! Keeping up with the pace, here are the next four acts as we continue to release the SET LIST for the HUGS Gathering... 

On or about 1:55PM on the 18th of September, It will be The James Morley Band, out of Littlestown PA that will be set to take the stage. Jim has been knee deep in helping to keep the wheels on the HUGS Gathering bus and has been doing double duty with his band as Jim himself will be jumping in to help keep the beat with a few other musician later in the day. 

Following The James Morley Band will be the duet stylings of the band they call LUCID RUBY. They are notched to take the stage on or about 2:25pm. AND, as a small side note: Lucid Ruby, will be performing LIVE in the Observatory on September 1st at the HUGS BLAST on Wednesday Night.. Tune in to catch a sneak peek!! 

The man they call Jonathan Kane, from the great state of Georgia, was one of the first Artists that stuck his foot in the door to the HUGS Gathering and wanted a seat!! SO, on or about 2:50PM and with a little help from friends; Jonathan will be slated to take the stage while working his set under the new collaborative band name: Jonathan Kane and the K-9's.. Ya Just Got to love it!! 

Next it will be a young lady by the name of Trish McAleny. She is slated to follow Jonathan Kane & the K-9's on or around the 3:20PM. Trish will also be helping out Hiennie Bach covering some of the MC duties for the Gathering as well... Let's hope that the young lady doesn't get lost somewhere between Texas and Tennessee!!

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