ATTENTION HUGS LISTENERS!!   The drooble site is still down for uploads so,

This Week's Playlist is Found Under the Playlist Tab at the TOP of the page at the metapop music site !!

As Promised, HUGS has the wheels turning for something special !!!   I can relay to you that this special Event will be something right out of any real Artist's Bucket List!!   Starting this week HUGS will begin Promoting the Biggest Event of this Fall Season....  Something that will overshadow the sucessful HUGS LIVE Drive from 2020....!! 

Yep, There's something in the air and it is in full motion!!!!  Mark your Calanders gang, for September 18th, 2021, as HUGS and WRGG... and a whole lot of "everybody" will be working to keep HUGS at the TOP of the list when it comes to be the HOME of the UNSIGNED ARTIST !!!

Welcome to HUGS...

HUGS is forever in a constant state of change!!!

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There's Something brewing !!

There are clues showing up everywhere!! 

Stay tuned as we will update this page as more information begins to clear!!

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