Marzz guitarzz in Pennsylvania

marzz gUITARZZ IN pa !!


It’s Really Happening !! 

Are you or is someone you know  in dire need of help in getting your guitar professionally set up?  Or, maybe you’ve gotten a new guitar that needs to be set up? Finding out that there is an 8 month waiting period to get your guitar in the hands of someone who knows how to fix a guitar so that you don’t have to fight it to play it??  HUGS has to answer for your needs!!

MARZZ GUITARZZ  has set up a satellite shop just outside of Gettysburg, PA located in Biglerville.  The Satellite shop will be used solely for the Central PA musicians and for the actual production of the full custom bodies and builds.  The full service shop  will be for all types of guitars.  From simple Set Up’s to Re-works,  to Custom installations to Restores….  Every Job will be hands on work… No Out-Sourcing! AND, A FAST TURN OVER PERIOD!  Which mean you get your instrument back fast and ready to go!

All Artists are required to schedule drop off times and dates.  Appointments can be made directly with Mr. Obregon at (818) 669-1584, as well as getting a basic Quote for the costs to make it happen.  You can also contact MARZZ through our HUGS email.  Just email MARZZ at ATTN: MARZZ  for a follow up call to discuss your plight.  

** Note: Limited Appointment Openings  should be expected…  Act Fast to secure your spot !!  

All pricing is subject to change depending on physical inspection of the instrument. 

Top Tier Marzz Treatment Includes 5-Point Setup: 

1.  All Hardware and Electronics Inspected, Cleaned & Lubricated 

2. Fret Leveling, Crowning, Dressed and Polished (May Include Fret Ends if Needed) 

3. Fretboard Cleaned & Reconditioned 

4. Truss Rod, Nut Slots & Saddle Adjustments 

5. Clean & Polish Instrument 

Total Cost:  $160 (Includes 25% Hugs Discount) 

Basic Setup: 

1. Truss Rod, Nut Slot & Saddle Adjustment 

Total Cost:  $60 

Nut Replacement:  $60  (Bone Used Only) 

Saddle Replacement:  $45  (Bone Used Only. Conventional and Compensated Available) 

Fretboard Cleaning & Reconditioning:  $50 

*Minor Repair Work May Be Available Depending On Conditions & Needs of the Instrument 

*All Setup Work Will Require New Strings.  C.F. Martin 80/20 Bronze .012-.054 Gauge Sets Will Be Available.  $12 per set. No charge if you provide your     prefered strings. Please have 2 sets handy as a precaution. Top Tier Treatment Includes Strings At No Additional Cost. 

*Nut and Saddle Replacement Should Be Completed with a Setup.  Additional Discounts Applied if Suggested Setup is Requested.  Example, Nut replacement   and setup could run $120 but may be done for around $100 plus strings. 

*Pricing will vary depending on the requirements of the player and/or instrument. A more comprehensive quote will be applied after inspection of the instrument   and setups will be based on the individual's style of playing.  More or less "Action" will be determined when discussing the outcome of the instrument and the   goal to achieve your perfect feel. 

*12 String Guitars will carry a raised cost due to the nature of the instrument.  There are more variables to take into consideration especially when it comes to        replacing the nut. 

Electric Guitar Costs are similar to Acoustic Guitars as described above with added variables: 

*Strat style bridge, add $20 to Basic & Top Tier Setups. 

*Floyd Rose style bridge, add $50 to Basic & Top Tier Setups. 

*Replacing Pickup Sets on Strats, Teles, Les Pauls, SGs, etc:  $50.  Hollow Bodies and 335: $100 

*Pricing and Repairs will be determined by the instrument and the extent of work desired by the player.  All work will be flexible and priced according to the Hugs   Family.  The goal is to have your instrument setup and playing at its optimal potential. 

Marzz Guitarzz   "Revive Feel - Evoke Tone"