The HUGS TOP 100 Unsigned Artists Music Chart

Important notes as to posting up the playlist.

There is a pecking order that is used to establish the coming weeks Playlist; Keep in mind that there are only so many slots open for air play..

1. The Top Ten will ALWAYS be Resubmitted for the Coming Week Showcase

2.  New Submissions will be listed and incorporated 2nd  (the 2 Track rule still applies, so so New Tracks will have to be on hold till the artist 2nd track is removed)

3.  All songs that are moving UP the Chart (that have been resubmitted) will then be added

4.  If a song Stalls in movement or Falls, it will be added to the end of the Playlist, (if resubmitted) and of course that only depends upon the room left in completing the Playlist time space.

5.  All New Tracks will be aired at the HUGS BLAST, during the HUGS BLITZ on Wednesday Nights!! 

As of October 19th, 2021