Donations to expand the Hugs platform

HUGS functions on a volunteer level.  That means that there are no salaries paid for working to keep the Homegrown Under Ground Sounds show running.  Even with the efforts to expand the ideals of the show, the idea of services to our HUGS Family members remain free of costs, fees or binding contracts.  All costs have been managed by individuals that have made donations to aid the cause and Sponsors that understand that these are the real consumers that they want to deal with.  These donations have been used to expand the HUGS Platform so that any artist can promote their talents.  Never let it be said that HUGS is a money driven venue. However, If you are compelled to help support this movement, you can simple connect with the HUGS "Tip Jar" located on Our Home Page. 

HUGS also understands that no donation is too small, nor is it too large... What we can assure you, is that your donation will be recognized, by name and done on air during our broadcast. We give credit where credit is due.  If you so feel to make a donation, please use the link provided below to do so.   Or, if you have a Service or Product that can or should be used by our HUGS family, feel free to contact us about becoming a Sponsor of the show!

Thank you

Stay in TUNE!!

Cyrus Gray